You know Errol Godot, don’t you? Sure you do. He’s in all those movies you’re too embarrassed to admit you’ve seen. (Did you catch the one where he got cancer in Amsterdam?)

Well, I know Errol too. Except unlike you, I lived with him before he got big. I saw him every day. Touched him more times than I can count. He was my best friend.

Until he wasn’t. Until he cut me out.

So you want to know what it’s like being best friends with a future celebrity? You want a peek behind that glamorous curtain and luscious hair? OK, I’ll spill. But be forewarned. You may fall in love with him as hard as I did. And that would be bad.

Because when Errol cuts back, he cuts deep.

A/N: This story dedicated to all the introverts of the world. 

Cutback is rated T for Teen. Some mature themes. 

Chapter List

chapter one

chapter two

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