COMING IN 2020: Paragone:” a SimLit novel

Charming Windenburg looks pretty enough from the outside. It’s got gorgeous bay views, rustic islands, ancient ruins and picturesque timber-frame houses that line the storybook riverfront. It’s the playground of the super-rich, where ambassadors, tech investors and trust-funders come to live, play and not work. In this town, the rich are divided into little cliques called clubs, including the most infamous of all, the Paragons—like Mean Girls on steroids. Underneath the surface of this too-perfect town, though, lies dark secrets, dark vices and even a murder or two.

Twenty-four-year-old Candy Behr isn’t rich—she’s struggling to get by and raise her teenage sister Yuki—but she knows Windenburg better than almost anyone. So when she’s caught up in an earth-shattering scandal that rips her town—and her life—apart, she digs in deep to get to the bottom of things. Because you don’t have be rich to play in Windenburg. You just need to know how to win.

Read a special sneak-peek of the Prologue now!

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